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Winter Wellness, 9 tips for Seasonal Self-Care

Winter Wellness, 9 tips for Seasonal Self-Care

Winter Wellness

The whirlwind holiday season is upon us. It’s a magical time of holiday parties, work gatherings, heavy food and drink, limited daylight hours and pressures to host, decorate, shop, spend, travel and rush, all while staying on top of day-to-day demands.

It’s joyfully exhausting and flies by in a ball of glitter and song. This year, gift yourself time to take care of your mind, body, and soul and come out on the other side ready for a rejuvenated and inspired 2018.

Here are nine mindful ways to kick off the season:

1.) Get outside. Take a brisk morning walk or run. You’ll benefit from the endorphins and sunlight for the rest of the day, and the exercise will instill a calming sense of well-being.

2.) Watch your vitamin D. Fewer hours of daylight can bring on tired, sad or anxious feelings. Add natural doses of vitamin D to your diet through foods like mushrooms and tofu.

3.) Prevent sickness. Keep your immune system strong by drinking tons of water, washing your hands thoroughly and getting 8 hours of sleep (even if that consists of squeezing in a 20-minute power nap here and there).

4.) Practice relaxation. This could mean making time for a 15-minute meditation break, yoga session, or other mindful exercise. Lower stress levels mean sharper focus.

5.) Be social. Try something new. Take an art class or head to hot yoga with a friend. Keeping your brain engaged and creative leads to happier interactions.

6.) Cut back on sugar. This is tricky with all of those holiday goodies lying around. Give your body the nutrients it needs to fight fatigue. Eat more citrus and greens. Throw in some squash and tomato-based dishes with a punch of garlic for an extra immunity boost.

7.) Focus in the morning. Place highest-energy tasks on your morning to-do list. When afternoon energy levels start to slide, take another walk or treat your self to a gratitude-filled journaling session.

8.) Embrace community. Keep in touch with family and friends. Giving and receiving love is the key to a strong support system and feelings of serenity and contentment.

9.) Gift yourself a de-stress day at least once a month. On this day, put aside lists, turn your phone on silent for a bit and indulge in something that you consider pure bliss. We recommend a Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Hot Stone massage to melt away stress and work out the kinks.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, healing holiday season! Radiant Mountain Massage

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