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As the snow finally begins to melt away, more color will start popping up in the high country. Flowers will bloom, birds will spread their song. Sunshine and bright colors will be plentiful. This is the perfect time of year to wear or carry a vibrantly
colored Turquoise stone.

Turquoise, with its vivid blue green color has been prized for thousands of years. Beads of turquoise have been discovered in Egyptian tombs dating back to 3,000 years ago. The best quality turquoise comes from the southwestern United States, but
turquoise has also been found here in Colorado. Many legends surround the energetic power of turquoise. Some Native American tribes believed it could provide much needed rain, bring accuracy to their weapons, or protect them from evil spirits. Modern day healers believe that turquoise is a stone of truth, wholeness, and communication.

Turquoise activates the throat chakra, allowing a carrier or wearer to articulate wisdom and deep understanding. It helps release inhibitions and allows the soul to communicate true meaning. Turquoise can be used by people who have trouble with public speaking or become shy when sharing their ideas. For those who suppress thoughts or feelings, turquoise can help bring these ideas and emotions to a place where they can reflect and communicate them positively.

When meditating with a piece of turquoise, it is helpful to recognize that all of the different parts of your being are what make you unique. Embrace these parts and be conscious that it is all part of your great journey. This will help facilitate the feeling of being whole, all parts working in harmony with one another. Try carrying or wearing a piece of turquoise this summer and see if the harmony and color within you shines a little brighter!

Since 1988, Nature’s Own has been a premier location to find fossils and minerals from around the world. Our friendly staff of geologists, gemologists, and rock enthusiasts are here to provide customers with knowledge on the thousands of pieces we offer.
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