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Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye

“Tyger tyger, burning bright, in the forests of the night.” William Blake

A tiger embodies strength, agility, and action. With confidence and conviction a tiger moves from a state of repose to swiftly strike with discernment. This balance between extremes is embodied in the stone, tiger eye.

Tiger eye is a member of the quartz family. The fire, vitality, and life that shines in a tiger’s eye can be seen when turning a piece of tiger eye stone in the light. Natural fibers in tiger eye create a shine called chatoyancy. Seeing this flash of light can aid in firing our passion and creativity.

Valued for the ability to activate the first through third chakras, tiger eye is a stone of grounded strength. For those that may fluctuate between emotional extremes, tiger eye helps to balance. This comes from the energy that allows us to make decisions based upon deeper understanding, rather than impulse.

Finding inner strength, and the courage to act upon that strength is accelerated through the use of tiger eye. For times when we face adversity, tiger eye can be used to strengthen our intentions, deepen our consciousness, and create enlightened change. Being practical and fair during these moments can be difficult. Tiger eye provides the strength and vitality to handle even the most exhausting of endeavors.

Try a piece of tiger eye the next time you are looking for some extra strength, practicality, and fairness.

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