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The Alchemy Collective — Cosmic Connections

The Alchemy Collective — Cosmic Connections

There’s a very big change coming—and no one will be able to resist it. Perhaps you have sensed it in your own life or read about the forecasts written in any number of cultural traditions from around the world: Earth changes that will bring about a new age, a new time where the magnificence of life will dominate the planet and the dark shadows we see around us will dissipate.

When will this happen? That depends on us and what we do within ourselves. If we evolve, if we grow, if we turn up the “light” within each of us, it will tip the balance of the collective mind from ignorance into illuminated awareness and rapidly shift us all into the Age of Enlightenment.

“Many hands make light work”

We can best make this transition by working collectively. Not just as lone individuals nor solely as humankind but with the direct support of higher dimensions of celestial life. The celestial aspect surrounds and permeates every dimension of existence and is now more alive, more available, and is already in the process of helping transform the planet.

However, this Great Transformation must be a mutual endeavor, an alliance if you will, of Heaven and Earth because there is no separation between the two. By joining in this global restoration you will transform yourself in the most sublime way to reveal your own divinity: to live the greatest happiness, well-being, health, prosperity, love, and harmony that we are meant to live every moment, every hour, every day of our lives.

The Great Invitation

We no longer need to imagine or contemplate on this relationship with the celestial. We can unite with it and benefit from it directly, immediately, and without cost by simply sharing a little of our time. I offer here a greeting and an invitation from the celestial dimension as it has been passed on directly to me through their source to participate in this mutual endeavor:

“Greetings Beloved Ones, we are The Alchemy.

We are a group of Ascended Masters, Angelics, and Light Beings who come at the time of transition for a planet and a people. We come to assist you in the raising of the vibrations on your planet in preparation for what we call “the great awakening.” We come to co-create with you in the vibrations of love and unity consciousness.

So much is changing on your planet right now, in many different areas: politics, nances, school systems, the environment, and much more not visible to the eye. With all of these powerful energies coming onto the planet we know it can be challenging for those in human form. All the old that no longer serves you, all the belief systems that are outdated, all your fears and worries are coming to the forefront. We share with you that while this feels most challenging, it is a good thing. For it means your
own vibrations are rising. You are changing from within and releasing your own densities. The more you release, the more light and love you can access and hold within the physical form. The more Mother Earth, Gaia, releases the more she can hold for each of you as you propel forward into the newness of you and this planet. The more the vibrations rise within you and on Earth, the more your life will change and move forward into the flow.

We offer you a weekly opportunity to assist the planet and yourself by joining our Tuesday guided meditations. Please join us by visiting our website at www. and registering for our free weekly calls. Let’s co-create the new earth together!

We are The Alchemy”

Speaking from experience, I can say unequivocally that there is nothing else that will so rapidly and profoundly improve your inner life, and at the same time improve life on the planet, as working with this higher order group of divine partners. Now is the time to remember, to awaken, to join together, and actively transform our world into the world we have all dreamed and known life to be: divine.

Go and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


Development of consciousness is the fundamental ingredient in all energetic healing. Studying, teaching, and practicing Maharishi Vedic Science for development of consciousness for 40 years, John began specializing in consciousness-based healing in the mid-1990s. Bringing both his training and experience into becoming a BodyTalk practitioner, he now practices in Frisco at Trinity Wellness Studio and in Lakewood at Back To Basics.

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