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Surviving Today with CBD

Surviving Today with CBD

Life on this planet is rarely stable. With all our technology and knowledge, we seek balance in our lives. Exercise, hugs, and coffee tilt those scales closer to the desired balance, but there is new research on a new substance that may help our natural balance. This new miracle is cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD is a cannabinoid, a molecule found in the cannabis plant. Of 150 balancing molecules in cannabis, only one, THC, gets you high, while the other 149 molecules have their own medicinal benefits. Cannabinoids have always existed but because of the illegality of cannabis, scientists could not study them. President Obama allowed states to start legal medical and recreational cannabis programs to see if cannabis could be safely regulated and studied. Currently, 29 states have approved medical cannabis programs, along with nine states, which have legalized recreational use. Since then, it has taken the world by storm. The country of Uruguay has completely legalized cannabis. Many countries across the world are looking to cannabis and cannabinoids for their safe and effective medicinal qualities.

Where are cannabinoids? Your broccoli, echinacea, and mustard all have cannabinoids! All mammals have an endocannabinoid system. That’s right, whales, dolphins, your cat, your dog, and you produce cannabinoids in your body. You also have receptors for cannabinoids. Our endocannabinoid system (or ECS) is vital for our stress management. It regulates many functions in the body including appetite, pain, body temperature, muscle control, metabolism, inflammation, stress response, mood, and memory. Cannabinoids help regulate and balance stress. Our bodies only produce three cannabinoids, which were enough when all we worried about was shelter, water, food, and reproduction. Today we have traffic, taxes, politics, and a higher stress load. That’s why some doctors believe we should supplement our bodies with more balancing cannabinoids. Now that we know what CBD is, how can it help you?

It seems a new study comes out every week about the medicinal benefits of CBD. Because CBD and other cannabinoids are being studied, we are seeing promising benefits. CBD is a strong natural anti-inflammatory. Prolonged mental stress can cause inflammation as well as physical stress. CBD is a neuro-protectant that protects the brain and nervous system. Famous athletes have expressed their approval of how effective and safe CBD is versus opiates and other meds. Eugene Monroe, a former Baltimore Raven, wishes that the NFL would use safer and more natural medicine to combat the violent physical impact of some sports. Ninety percent of former NFL players have been diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is severe inflammation of the brain that occurs in high impact sports like boxing, rugby, football, and hockey and is prolonged and can be fatal. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are the safest substance to help athletes who put their bodies on the line for our enjoyment.

CBD has also been found to help with seizure disorders. The breakout story for CBD came from its anti-seizure properties. Kids who have a rare epilepsy disorder called Dravet’s Syndrome have as many as 100 seizures a day. These kids have so many seizures their bodies and brains stop developing and the children can die. You may have heard of parents who have uprooted their families and moved to Colorado. It is because of this amazing CBD molecule. The number of seizures in these children can go from 100 a day, to one a month! That is life changing and life giving! Tremors from Parkinson’s can also be relieved using CBD. 

CBD isn’t just great for physical stress but for mental stress as well. In Colorado we have medical cannabis for people who suffer from PTSD. These veterans say it’s the only product that kills their anxiety and depression without negative side effects. Other drugs can cause anxiety or be ineffective.

For people not suffering from PTSD, a little CBD can help relax the mind and body without affecting focus. CBD has been shown to reverse age-related cognitive decline in Alzheimer patients and help with memory retention. Cannabis and CBD are the only recreational drugs that promote new brain cell development or “neurogenesis.”

Research on CBD has only begun and the results of studies detail the hope and balance we have been looking for. If you seek balance in your life and want a safe effective medicine for you and your family, consider CBD. Without negative side effects and the promise to greater mental and physical health, CBD might be the new miracle medicine. 

Since 2009, High Country Healing has dedicated their time and energy to creating the best and most effective medicine possible. These stores feature a live grow, visible to patients, where one can directly observe the cultivation of cannabis by hand. This transparency allows patients to see the love and care that goes into their medicine. Visit for more information or call (970) 468-7858 to talk to a professional.


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