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Smoky Quartz – Grounding the Root Chakra

Smoky Quartz – Grounding the Root Chakra

As we settle into this new season, many of us see this as an opportunity to try to better ourselves in some fundamental way. It is the time to get organized and make plans for the year ahead. Some of us set lofty goals, while others attempt to recenter ourselves. While any time of year could present a moment of inspiration, many see the spring as a time for action. Depending upon your outlook, this could also be a time of uncertainty. What will this new beginning bring? Will I be able to achieve the goals I have set for myself ? It can be overwhelming if we set our expectations too high. One way to conquer the uncertainty is to ground ourselves in our core values, beliefs, and desires.

Grounding and observing who we fundamentally are can help us recognize what changes we would like to make now and in the future. A powerful stone to aid in this is a dark brown to black variety of quartz, called smoky quartz. Smoky quartz activates the root chakra, and our connection with the earth and her grounding energies. When we lose connection with the earth, we may feel lost or lose sight of purpose. This can lead to negative thoughts or patterns. Smoky quartz can aid in centering and grounding ourselves. Especially important during times of desired transformation, it is necessary to remember who we are at our roots so that we can continue to grow.

While smoky quartz is mined in various locations around the world, some of the most beautiful specimens come from right here in Colorado. Prized for its abilities to transmute negative energies, smoky quartz is an excellent stone to carry or have in the home. It protects one from negative energies in the environment, including negative thoughts in our own minds. Smoky quartz absorbs this negative energy and grounds it into the earth where it can be transformed. Because of its ability to absorb negative energy, smoky quartz should be cleansed frequently, either by running your crystal under cold water, or placing it out in the moonlight.

Smoky quartz is not only good for grounding and blocking negative energy, but also for practicality and organization. It is even suggested to meditate with a piece of smoky quartz while doing bookwork (and yikes, taxes), as it helps with focus and patience. Smoky quartz is also an excellent stone for assisting in the manifestation of our ideas and inspirations, making it an important stone for transformation in the new year.

With uncertain times ahead, try a piece of smoky quartz to transform negative energies, get yourself grounded and organized for the challenges and triumphs ahead!

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