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O3 Ozone Hydrotherapy

O3 Ozone Hydrotherapy

What is ozone?

You may already know that ozone is an alternate version of oxygen. Oxygen, in the air we breathe, is actually two molecules of oxygen attached together, or O2. Ozone is an “activated” form of oxygen with three atoms of oxygen attached together, forming the molecule O3. Ozone behaves completely differently than O2. Ozone is far more energetic and oxidative than oxygen, which is what makes it so valuable for applications, such as air purification, water purification, and Pure O3 Ozone Hydrotherapy applications.

What does ozone do?

Ozone is an oxidizer. In simpler terms, it destroys bacteria, viruses, parasites, amoeba, mold, fungus, and it breaks down or dissolves harmful chemicals and impurities. It is thirty-five times more powerful than chlorine, and yet leaves no harmful chemicals or byproducts behind. If used properly and in the proper amounts, it is completely non-toxic. Ozone is used openly in medicine around the world, mainly in Europe, Asia, and South America. It is also gaining a foothold in North America. It is exciting how many different uses ozone has in the field of medicine, from disinfecting and healing external wounds, burns, and rashes, and boosting the immune system. It can also be used in the successful treatment or control of internal systemic diseases of all kinds, from the common cold and flu to chronic degenerative diseases.

What is Pure O3 Ozone Hydrotherapy?

Pure O3 Ozone Therapy is the use of ozone in a hydrotherapy sauna application. You rest in a private room while seated in a warm, hydrotherapy sauna. Warm, ozonized water flows to a hand held shower hose. You simply wash your skin with ozonized water for fifteen to twenty-five minutes. As the pores open, the O3 is quickly absorbed into the skin and activates a cleansing effect.

What does ozone do when used in Pure O3 Ozone Hydrotherapy?

Ozone works well for a wide variety of health conditions because it positively affects the biochemistry of the body and gets to the root cause of diseases via cellular cleansing.

1. Ozone modulates the immune system to help it function as it was designed.
A weakened immune system means that you are vulnerable to becoming ill. You are also less likely to recover from an illness, if your immune system is weak. Ozone has the ability to “wake up” the immune system, to encourage it to function as it was designed.

2. Ozone increases oxygen delivery to the tissues and cells.
Oxygen enables our cells to make energy. Without oxygen our cells can’t make energy and without energy our cells will die. If our cells die, we die. Ozone increases the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the cells by red blood cells. It also makes red blood cells more pliable, so they can fit down long skinny blood vessels that supply your tissues and organs with blood and oxygen.

3. Ozone kills bacteria and viruses on contact and inhibits the ability of viruses to attach to cells.
Killing bacteria is fantastic, as it inhibits their ability to cause disease. Ozone will also inhibit a virus’ ability to attach to cells. This is important: if a virus can’t attach to your cells, it can’t cause disease.

4. Ozone increases cellular energy production, making energy production more efficient.
You breathe oxygen to create energy in your cells. Quite often this process does not occur very efficiently, especially after the age of thirty. Ozone helps revitalize this process so you can make more energy from the oxygen you breathe, just like tuning a car engine to get more power.

5. Ozone decreases the level of oxidation in your body.
Oxidation is a normal biological process that is essential to life. Without oxidation you would die, but oxidation can get out of control in the body. Ozone reduces the oxidative stressors in the blood and tissues. If you lower the oxidation levels of your body back down to normal, this helps the body recover from any illness.

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