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Modern Technology Meets Ancient Medicine To Create Amazing Results!

Modern Technology Meets Ancient Medicine To Create Amazing Results!

Many years ago I was introduced to a medical technology through an interesting series of events. One of my best friends in chiropractic college contracted hepatitis A through an unnamed food chain. He went to see his chiropractor about a year later, because he still didn’t feel well. His chiropractor used a machine to test his system, which revealed remnants of hepatitis A. The interesting part was that the chiropractor didn’t know he had gotten the infection a year prior. That immediately peaked my interest. What was this Star Trek medicine he was using?

What the chiropractor used was a machine that is known as electro-dermal screening (EDS) or electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV). To my surprise this was not new technology by any means, but was from the 1950s. A German medical doctor, Dr. Rinehart Voll, was studying acupuncture and set out to prove the meridian theory. Meridians are used in acupuncture and are pathways of energy that circulate around the body and correlate to certain organs or system of organs. This energy is known as qi. The EAV machine I use is called the Avatar.

What we are actually measuring is the meridian’s ability to conduct electricity or its electrical resistance. By testing all the major organs and systems we get tremendous insight into the human body and are able to identify the areas of imbalance that could be contributing to your health challenges. We may help you achieve optimum health and wellness with these insights.

Once we identify where the imbalances are, the next step is to test why the imbalances are there. A few underlying causes may be allergies, active or old infections, hormone imbalances, emotional stress, poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, and toxic loads. Then we figure out what we are going to do to correct the imbalances.

Treatments may include, but are not limited to, recommending vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathics, making dietary changes or lifestyle changes, chiropractic care, or cold laser therapy. We may refer out to another provider, or order additional labs and diagnostic testing.

The way Dr. Voll discovered the ability to test supplements is a great story: “I diagnosed one colleague as having chronic prostatitis and advised him to take a homeopathic preparation called Echinacea 4x. He replied that he had this medication in his office and went to get it. When he returned with the bottle of Echinacea in his hand, I tested the prostate measurement point again and made the discovery that the point reading, which was up to 90, had decreased to 64, an enormous improvement of the prostate value. I had the colleague put the bottle aside and the previous measurement value returned. After holding the medication in his hand the measurement value went down to 64 again, and this pattern repeated itself as often as desired.” This principle has helped me create very tailored and specific treatment protocols and achieve amazing results.

You’re probably thinking, “How can this help me?” The biggest advantage is that we are using the human body to know what is going on. We are not treating your medical condition, but looking for the underlying reasons for it. It can also be helpful in prioritizing issues. The possibilities are endless.

A huge proponent of natural medicine, Burton Goldberg once said, “I consider any physician not using EDS as ‘flying blind’ Anyone who is taking supplements, especially individuals with health problems, should have their vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. tested to make sure that they are actually necessary and doing good. If someone needs to undergo surgery; then the type of anesthesia to be used should be tested. The list goes on and on.”

After graduating Life University in 2001, Dr. Elliott Smith practiced in Vail. He gained extensive experience with sports medicine and started to hone his Avatar skill. He then moved to Denver to start a successful practice, which he has run for the last fourteen years. He is honored to bring his experience and skillful knowledge to serve and educate Summit County. 

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