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Living Outside the Illusion

Living Outside the Illusion

A Story of Happiness, Fulfillment, and Purpose

Happiness, fulfillment, and purpose—those words always seem to strike a distinctive chord in the consciousness of most human beings. Of the more than seven billion humans living on this planet, I would wager that the definition for these words would be different for every single person. There will of course, be a lot of similarities describing the things that support our happiness as humans, such as love, family, safety, security, productivity, recognition, and many more things we value as individuals but there will also be distinct differences that are a reflection of our individuality.

The Importance of Clarity

The specifics of what makes us happy are based on what we value personally and those values are ultimately based on our beliefs, fears, passions and desires. These things are what have been programmed into our consciousness since we were born and even before we were born with genetic coding and this is the illusion I am referring to: the programs that we live our lives by.

Personal Responsibility is the Key

To live outside this illusion is to first realize that everything we consciously experience actually resides in a small gray mass of butter-like tissue we call the brain, and does not actually exist outside of us. What we think of as “out there,” such as traffic, trees, people, jobs, and stores, are actually perceptions that are formed by millions of electrical impulses in our own mind, and our mind is solely based on what our senses collect and then interpreted by what has been previously programmed into it. The key factor here is what has been previously programmed into it, because this is the basis for how we see the world and influences all of the experiences that we have ever had.

We all know why a cop takes eyewitness accounts from as many people as possible when investigating an accident or public crime. It is because he or she knows that everyone will have a different viewpoint about what happened and the police officer collects as much information as possible from as many people as possible to find out what really happened. He or she knows that somewhere in all the different viewpoints and perceptions, the truth exists.

Our Beliefs Create What We Experience

It is an accepted belief by most people that we all view the world differently and yet our experiences are similar enough to support the illusion that things are happening “outside” of our self. It is definitely not, and science supports this. The double slit experience done back in the 1920’s supports this. This experiment shows that the physical universe is actually made up of energy waves that only becomes particles (what we perceive to be reality) when it is observed by a conscious being.

Crazy stuff, but how does this information help us in our daily life? Well, once we understand this fully we realize that we have a lot more control over what we are experiencing than what we previously thought. Life takes on a “whole other dimension!” We begin to experience life as it was truly meant to be! A life lived moment to moment, with incredible clarity, joy and fulfillment!

You Are Not Your Mind

It begins with understanding that you are not your mind, but you have the use of a mind that is unique to you and is the most powerful calculating and reasoning tool on the planet, with the ability to sort out, organize and implement anything including the creation of a life designed to fulfill your heart’s desire! It just needs specific guidance and the commitment to follow your intuitive lead.

Right Brains Success® offers you the knowledge and the tools to get the most out of your mind and it is based on the most recent scientific information available about the brain/mind. John Longhill offers mentoring services for business owners and non-profits, including health care practitioners, service organizations, professionals, individuals, couples and youth. The services that are available include but are not limited to private and group mentoring, workshops, lectures and seminars.

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About John D. Longhill:

John Longhill and Right Brain Success® offer business and non-profit mentoring services to businesses and individuals. Initial consultations are free to determine if a mutually beneficial environment exists. Fees are easily offset by the savings realized by resetting priorities, increasing motivation, and clarifying your purpose.

Phone consultations are available to adults/youth that include 3-45 minute mentoring sessions to assess where a person is, in relation to where they want to be, and developing a winning strategy.

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