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Sisterhood: The Importance of Gathering Women – Be Inspired

Sisterhood: The Importance of Gathering Women – Be Inspired

Being a mother, daughter, wife, worker, healer, and server to our communities and world can be draining. Actually it’s downright emotionally and physically heavy, if we’re being real.

Recognizing and calling on other soulful women”our earth-given sisters”can unblock natural flows and allow us to better navigate our lives with clarity. So many of us thrive on ritual and space to connect.

To love and inspire each other. Arouse muses and set intentions. We instinctively want to synchronize, uplift, and transform. You could say, as women, this rhythm is ingrained at a cellular level.

That’s where new moon circles come in. We have the opportunity to unify with every 28-day moon cycle. Every new moon represents a new beginning with fresh soil for planting seeds that will grow our deepest wishes and goals.

With the clean slate of a new moon, sisters can come together with open minds, bodies and souls comprised of only potential. What a strong and meaningful opportunity to set intentions free into the universe and shape the reality of our dreams.

There are as many rituals as there are groups of women gathering around the world. These women are searching for truth, guidance, courage, joy. They’re ringing bells, singing and chanting, dancing and sharing, checking in with each other and themselves.

Typical new moon circles include these basic components: meditation, journaling, and sharing and setting intentions in a caring, non-judgmental space. It’s not about therapy or seeking advice. It’s about listening and self-discovery. It’s a setting of one and many.

The end result can be profound. There’s the strength and support of sisterhood. The building of community and the journey-inspiring feeling of being heard. New moon circles allow us to individually share and set intentions and then, as a group, manifest those intentions by sending them into the universe together. Let’s harness this naturally occurring cosmic energy to align with other strong-souled women and open our hearts to consciously creating our own realities. By gathering, we’re reinforcing our sisterhood, strengthening our bonds and taking the path to being our truest, most radiant selves.

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Gather at Radiant Mountain Massage’s Breckenridge location for new moon circles.

Please pre-register by emailing or calling (970) 485-9864. Visit us at either location. 256 Dillon Ridge Rd. Ste. 208, Dillon, CO 80435 226 South Main St. Ste. 4, Breckenridge, CO 80424

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