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Is Love just Energy? or Is all Energy Love?

Is Love just Energy? or Is all Energy Love?

We tend to describe love in terms of human relationships; maternal love, brotherly love, being in love – when it is so much more than that. The energy of love has also been described as that which heals all. I believe a better way to define love is as: “the energy that sustains life”, all of life – both animate and inanimate. When matter is observed as its smallest components, (with the help of an electron microscope) we find atoms composed of protons, neutrons and electrons, etc. But when we try to find the “substance” of physical matter, science tells us that it is made up of mostly empty space. In fact, it is 99.9% empty space, made up of vibrating particles that are hard to pin down. We call it energy!

Why not call this energy what it is – Love!

What better description than love, when we describe the energy that sustains all life! As conscious beings it seems that we are operating at our best when we are expressing and receiving this positive energy we call love. In fact, we are most successful when we are practicing this exchange in our relationships, our careers, our friendships and our lives. In classic physics, energy is defined as the capacity for doing work. In quantum physics, I would venture to say that energy or love is the capacity for “being” in a physical reality such as ours. When we are only doing things, we are certainly getting the work done, but when we are “being” we are experiencing life as consciousness. with an awareness of the energy that we are directing.

How can this understanding help us in our daily life? If knowledge is the precursor to experience, then the more knowledge we have about how to direct our energy in life, then the better our experiences. By understanding our true nature, which is energy, we can refocus our perspective about the reality we live in. By operating from an “energetic” perspective, we can be causal rather than symptomatic in our efforts. We can be the cause of our next experience rather than the victim of it. Instead of blaming circumstances as the problems in our life, we can realize that our entire experience is occurring inside of our head. This knowledge empowers us to change ourself, which will then change our circumstances.

Our life experiences have everything to do with our thoughts, because thoughts are the electromagnetic energy that directs the energy field we call our physical body. Our thoughts not only manage the processes going on in our physical body, they then direct our movement and our perceptions, which we are interpreting from our physical senses. These perceptions are key because they form the basis for what we experience each and every moment, and don’t forget these perceptions are only thoughts in our head.

The thoughts inside your head are yours and yours alone to formulate and experience. So with that “in mind” do you believe your thoughts have anything to do with the personal reality you are experiencing? Well, Hello! Your thoughts have everything to do with what you are experiencing, so it begs the question: Who is in control of your thoughts? Is it some higher aspect of you? It would seem that it is a separate entity beyond your mind, because it has the ability to control what the mind thinks.

What if – You are not your Mind . . .

. . . and your mind is just this wonderful gift that you have been given to experience this “amusement park” you call life. What if by directing and controlling what you think every moment you can create a reality that is new, adventuresome, exciting, loving and fun! Remember, it is all happening in your head anyway, so why not decide to have happy and fulfilling thoughts instead of stressful and unhappy thoughts. It truly is only up to you.

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