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Head vs. Heart, Fate vs. Destiny

Head vs. Heart, Fate vs. Destiny

Listening to our hearts gives direction to our greatest self-expression—our destiny.
Listening to our heads leads us to our fate. Which would you rather be hearing?
“You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a
human experience. . . . It is our duty as men and women to proceed as though the limits of our abilities do
not exist.”
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, French philosopher

Our Greatest Life Expression
In the heart and soul of every person we feel we have an ideal destiny, a life which is our ultimate expression of who we truly are creatively, joyously, lovingly, passionately ourselves. It is our soul’s intention to make this life, with its own particular twist, its great masterpiece.

For most of us however, that masterpiece rarely reaches its complete expression. Oh sure, some of us get to live our dreams to a greater or lesser extent. But do we ever really live our lives in accordance with our truest, deepest selves?

Feeling Stuck
These days many people feel a dichotomy between what they know and what they feel about their lives. Many have an inner yearning that their lives are not the truest expression of who they are or what they could be. Their lives on the outside are not congruent with what they know they should be from the inside. This discrepancy of outer experience and inner knowingness is a reflection of the life we make for ourselves by listening to our heads verses creating a life based on what we feel from deep within our hearts.

It’s frustrating, yet most people resign themselves to accept their circumstances, their fate. Few choose to make their life something closer to the signal from their heart.

Choosing Something Different
How do we lead a life that is our truest, best expression? We may feel our lives are just fine the way they are. But for those who want to shape their lives into their best and highest expression, what must one do? It amounts to making a decision to become, not someone different but a more vivid, more expressed version of our truest selves. To live our dreams, we need to free ourselves from those things that misinform us about who we are and mislead us in our path.

Who’s Driving?
As spiritual beings, the human body is our “vehicle,” which we are intended to direct through this physical world. Equipped with senses, ego, and mind it enables us to experience, feel, understand, and “digest” the material universe in such a way that the soul gains knowledge, wisdom, and evolution. But, it doesn’t always work that way. The bodymind is a programmable organism and is susceptible to influences, which create a wall between the driver and the vehicle.

These influences come from many sources, different dimensions, and many time frames. To name the most obvious: family genetics, upbringing, media, education, societal norms, government, religion, and a myriad of subtle sources. This is the “software” that programs the bodymind’s physical “hardware.” The sum of all this input becomes a internal cacophony so loud that it blots out our inner voice—spirit—and is supplanted by ego-mind.

The ego-mind’s loud bluster overwhelms the subtle urgings of the soul and acts from its programmed memory of information from the past. The outcome creates the dichotomy between what we feel our lives are meant to be and the “why the hell is this happening to me?”

Resolution-Inner Intelligence
What’s needed is a modality to decommission our programming and heal our selves, to enable our “vehicle” to be an accurate expression of our inner most self. The best healer comes from Nature herself—our Innate Intelligence, a higher intelligence that works outside the misinforming stream of our “heads.” It knows the best path to find and remedy all obstructions, all illnesses, all misinformation. Through the BodyTalk system of medicine, we can access Innate Intelligence, listen to it, utilize it, and enable it to heal ourselves. We can let go of the “dock” of acculturation and allow our sails to billow with the winds of life, following our soul-based GPS through life’s fascinating, enriching, and nurturing pathways in harmony our soul’s destiny—our greatest, most complete form of our Self expression.

Development of consciousness is the fundamental ingredient in all energetic healing. Studying, teaching, and practicing Maharishi Vedic Science for development of consciousness for 40 years, John began specializing in consciousness-based healing in the mid-1990s. Bringing both his training and experience into becoming a BodyTalk practitioner, he now practices in Frisco at Trinity Wellness Studio and in Lakewood at Back To Basics.

John Karis, CBP
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