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Happiness Is a Choice – The Greater Our Awareness the Greater Our Ability to Expand those Choices

Happiness Is a Choice – The Greater Our Awareness the Greater Our Ability to Expand those Choices

Do you believe your thoughts have something to do with your life? At first glance you may say, “Of course,” but when you react in anger, fear, frustration, and blame to the circumstances in your life, your behavior might be saying something else.

The good news is that the circumstances we perceive as happening outside of us are actually occurring as thoughts in our brain and we have the ability to control every thought we have at any given moment. The bad news is that we are only aware of five percent of what our mind is thinking, which means the other 95 percent is unconscious. Since our brain is the primary tool to experience this 3D reality, and if our life is not the way we want it to be, it would be helpful to gain some awareness about the other 95 percent!

Awareness is based on knowledge.

The more knowledge we have, the better prepared we are to embrace new experiences. Our brains are constantly being “re-wired” with new synaptic connections as we experience life with our five senses. These connections occur because of the thoughts we have about those sensory experiences. Every time we react to a situation with an emotional response, it strengthens these connections even more, because hormones (chemicals) then generate feelings to support the same thoughts. Our thoughts produce emotions, which in turn produce chemicals, which support the same thoughts that support the production of more chemicals to support the same thoughts. If we are in the habit of reacting to situations with anger, frustration or fear, it is because we have programmed our brain to react that way. Most of the time, these reactions are unconscious, habitual, and control our life in very unpleasant ways. The important thing to realize is that we are doing the programming by how we react to our circumstances, and we can just as easily change that programming.

How do we change habitual behavior?

The first step is not to react to the unexpected, or unpleasant circumstances in our life. These reactions are the Number One reason for the unconscious programming of our mind. Science has proven that a strong emotional response lasts only 90 seconds. If we can control our reactions (thoughts) for only a minute and a half, the emotional response will dissipate allowing us to rationally determine the best course of action. If we react to the circumstance with anger or fearful thoughts, the emotion will last as long as we continue the thoughts that made us feel the emotion in the first place. If we continue these thoughts for a few hours or days it will become an attitude or mood, and if we allow it to continue for weeks or months, it becomes our temperament. Before long it becomes part of our personality and then our future becomes defined by the past. We are then no longer creating our future, because we are living in pre-programmed experiences from the past.

Living in the past or creating a new future?

What creates stress is not being able to predict what is going to happen in our lives, We can’t know our future if we are living in the past with the memories of what has happened to ourselves, family, or friends. It is important to consciously create our future, by reprogramming the old beliefs, fears and habits that have been with us for years, and maybe an entire lifetime. Whenever the old patterns of anger, fear, hate, frustration or survival surface, it is better to consciously replace these emotions with the elevated emotions of love, kindness, compassion, peace and inspiration. This simple exercise will have a dramatic affect in your relationships, creating a new life experience. Conscious infusion of elevated emotions instills new patterns into the neural networks of the brain, reprogramming old patterns, changing how you think and behave in difficult situations.

Don’t wait for a crisis (unconscious creation) to make important changes in your life. It takes commitment, but life is more fun when you consciously create your life. I invite you to be observant of your unconscious behavior, because this will bring to light your hidden perceptions and beliefs. Once you learn to become aware of unconscious mental patterns and negative emotions, you will be able to direct your thoughts consciously and design a new future for yourself.

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