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Fall Cleansing – Beat Those Winter Blues

Fall Cleansing – Beat Those Winter Blues

As the rich green leaves begin to evolve into beautiful colors of red, orange, and gold, we know there is a seasonal shift. Autumn is arriving and not only is it a shift in our outer environment but our internal one as well.

Autumn is a much milder, calming time to cleanse and strengthen our immune system, preparing it to fight what the winter conditions offer us. The “winter blues” is a state that affects us both mentally and physically. There are shorter days and less sunlight. Our moods become solemn, our minds foggy, not to mention the physical difficulties of sinus infections, colds, mucus build up, dry skin, constriction of blood vessels, and deceleration of our nervous systems.

So what are some steps to create a strong immune system for the months ahead? Two crucial organs to cleanse are the lungs and the large intestine (colon). In Chinese medicine these two organs are the yin (lungs) to the yang (large intestine). They run along the same meridian line of the body. They are similar in development, similar in lymphatic circulation and mucosal immunity. Both are major pathways of eliminating toxins through exhaling (lungs) and bowel movements (colon). When operating at their potential, they are able to eliminate excess mucus, improve our skin conditions, and, by eliminating toxins in the body, improve our mental clarity.

The Lungs

The lungs take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Many of us slouch over our phones and computers. When the season becomes colder we wrap up in blankets, collapsing into our bodies. This puts a lot of strain in our chest cavities and gut. Constricting them makes them work harder, wasting energy. With a constricted chest cavity our breath becomes shallow, bringing in less oxygen, holding onto more carbon dioxide, and weakening the muscles in the rib cage.

To start strengthening your lungs and thoracic cavity this fall, practice deep breathing. Inhale for a count of six and exhale for six. If this is difficult for you, your breathing is shallow. Begin practicing deep breathing throughout your day. Perhaps try meditating. True meditation does not have to occur in a dim lit room with candles and extravagant throw pillows. True meditation occurs when you are able to register an anxious situation, ease your mind, and take a few slow breaths. Soon your breathing will help you relax and strengthen the lungs for eliminating. Also consider:

~ Using a neti pot – cleanses nasal passages
~ Apple cider vinegar – thins mucus and prevents bacterial growth
~ Turmeric and ginger teas – alleviates sinus pressure
~ Cardamom and cayenne pepper – decongestants
~ Oregano oil and eucalyptus oil
~ Place an extra pillow under your head at night to drain sinuses
~ Yoga
~ Meditating
~ Deep breaths!

The Large Intestine (colon)

Now to the lung’s partner in health. The large intestine has a huge role in eliminating mucus and toxins. If the lungs and chest cavity cannot eliminate all the mucus in one release, consider the fact that the colon cannot eliminate all of the mucus in one bowel movement either.

When it’s dryer outside our internal environment becomes dry as well. Without a well-hydrated colon, we are unable to eliminate buildup of mucus and toxins. One of the most effective ways to hydrate and strengthen the colon is hydrotherapy. Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle process that soaks the colon, softening the encrusted mucus, and allows the mucus to release. Individuals can eliminate mucus, toxins, and much more through a colonic, and the majority of clients leave their session with mental clarity and no fatigue. Avoid laxatives when cleansing, they use your own body’s source of water, causing dehydration and dryer skin. We certainly don’t need more dryness when preparing for winter.

Aides that help cleanse the colon:
~ Aloe vera juice
~ Probiotics
~ Slippery elm tea
~ Liquid chlorophyll
~ Gentle abdominal massage before bed
~ Warm water with lemon
~ At home enemas (not as effective as a colonic)
~ Again deep breathing!

When we breathe slowly and deeply we are able to release more toxins through the lungs. When we exhale from our lower abdomen, where the colon resides, it relaxes and allows our colon to work more efficiently.

Turn down the volume of those “winter blues” by giving your lungs and colon extra love this beautiful autumn season!


About Kimberly Allenson:

Kimberly has been working as a colon hydrotherapist for five years. She is an Advanced I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapist with a double bachelor’s in physical and health education. She works with clients in good health, Lyme disease, MS, paraplegics, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, chronic constipation, clients on a liver cleanse, recovering addicts, and more.

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