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Dr. Auth’s DRS Story

Dr. Auth’s DRS Story

Doctor Jeffrey Auth, D.C. has been a chiropractor for more than twenty years. He opened Auth Chiropractic & Vitality Center in Dillon in 2000. Prior to that, he was a professional high diver and entertainer, competitive mogul skier and mountain biker. In the summer of 2014, the high-impact lifestyle caught up to him. Dr. Auth was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, three
herniated discs, and suffered from severe sciatica. He explained his pain as a constant sharp, burning sensation. “Anyone who has had severe sciatica will attest to this,” he states. Even with the use of multiple medications and injections, he still experienced pain levels of nine out of ten. This made it impossible for Dr. Auth to do everyday activities like walk his dog, go to the grocery store, or do household chores.

Dr. Auth was a candidate for a complex, three-level fusion of his lumbar spine, which utilizes metal rods and screws to permanently inhibit any motion of the lower vertebrae. Dr. Auth had a deeper understanding of the ramifications of such a severe and complex procedure then average patients, he decided on an entirely different approach.

Dr. Auth regularly sees patients after they have had spinal fusions or other complex surgeries with less than desirable results. Avoiding surgery of this kind is always preferable, as patients will often continue to have chronic issues. “The problem is,” Dr. Auth states, “the vertebrae above and below the fusion will eventually wear out and you’ll have to have an additional surgery, often times within five years. This is due to the complexity of the procedure, not because the surgery was done improperly.”

Our vertebrae and the discs between them are designed to absorb everyday shock, gravity, and impact. When our vertebrae are
surgically fused together, the absorption mechanism is disabled. Spinal fusions do not provide a new spine, in fact, they limit your future mobility and ability to absorb impact and gravity. For Dr. Auth, this was not an option.

Like many mountain-town residents, Dr. Auth lives to be active and enjoy the outdoors. Lucky for Dr. Auth, a chiropractic spine
specialist who focuses on non-surgical solutions, he had heard of a non-invasive alternative called the Decompression Reduction
Stabilization (DRS) Protocol. Seventeen years ago, Dr. Auth’s colleague from chiropractic school, Dr. Richard Busch III, began
treating patients for spine conditions using the DRS Protocol. Under computer direction, a highly advanced Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) device creates a negative pressure to specific intervertebral areas, which creates a vacuum effect, pulling oxygen, nutrients, and water into the affected segment. The IDD allows the disc to rehydrate and heal, creating more space between the vertebrae, and ultimately allows the bulge or herniation to retract back into the center of the disc. It happens microscopically at every visit over six to eight weeks. The results are quite dramatic.

The DRS Protocol incorporates a holistic and comprehensive nutritional supplement plan, stretching and exercise regiments, as well as chiropractic evaluations to promote stabilization. This whole-body “holistic approach” is what allows up to 90 percent of patients to have excellent or good results. The focus is a long-term solution to chronic conditions so that they do not return.

Dr. Auth brought IDD into his office to start treatments on his painful condition right away. He and his staff flew to Ft. Wayne, Indiana to train with the inventor of the DRS Protocol, Dr. Richard Busch. After six weeks, Dr. Auth felt significant relief. Dr. Auth mentions, “Each patient is different. Some feel significant relief after five visits, some after 30 or even 40 visits.”

Dr. Auth continues to feel changes in his condition on a daily basis. He has been able to start skiing and hiking with his dog, Robin, daily. This result is extraordinary considering the severity of his case. Dr. Auth states, “I feel completely free to do the activities I’ve come to love in Colorado again.” Not only has Dr. Auth made a miraculous personal recovery, he has helped hundreds of Summit County residents too. “Giving patients their lives back is very gratifying, both personally and professionally. By bringing in the DRS Protocol, I enjoy my practice more than ever. I take great pride seeing my patients return to their active lifestyles, free of pain, smiling and hopeful about their health and their future.”

Dr. Auth is excited to enjoy his active lifestyle again and help as many patients as he possibly can. He hopes to reach out to those who suffer from back pain and aren’t aware of the DRS Protocol, he remarks, “I want to help as many patients as possible avoid painful and complex surgeries.”

Dr. Jeffrey Auth can be contacted at Auth Chiropractic and Vitality Center (970) 262-7929 or visit

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