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31 05, 2018

Happiness Is a Choice – The Greater Our Awareness the Greater Our Ability to Expand those Choices

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Do you believe your thoughts have something to do with your life? At first glance you may say, “Of course,” but when you react in anger, fear, frustration, and blame to the circumstances in your life, your behavior might be saying something else. The good news is that the circumstances we perceive as happening outside of us are actually occurring ...Read more

27 02, 2018

A Revolutionary Idea

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Every once in a while a revolutionary idea comes along that changes everything. It changes how we think, it changes what we do, and it can change forever how we behave as human beings. Quantum theory, and the knowledge now available about the human brain, is one of these kinds of ideas. This new knowledge is based on scientific research that proves ...Read more

27 02, 2018

An Altered State, Part 3

2018-03-13T18:15:12+00:00 By |

In Part One of this series, we discussed the idea of a flow state, in which the prefrontal cortex of the brain turns off and allows other parts of the brain to build connections. In the second part, we discussed how people have achieved these states principally through meditation and active physical risk taking. Now we will talk about why ...Read more

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