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BodyTalk, Healing with Your Inner Physician

BodyTalk, Healing with Your Inner Physician

Who knows you best?
We’ve all heard the expression, “Listen to your body.” Why? Because no physician knows you better than your body does. Your body has its own inner wisdom often referred to as innate intelligence. This is your “inner physician.” By working with and utilizing the intelligence of the “inner physician” you can reverse and heal an ailment, physical, behavioral, spiritual, environmental. This is the premise of BodyTalk. Here’s how it works.

What, exactly, is causing the problem?
When you go to a doctor, any doctor, what’s the first thing they do? Take blood pressure? Feel the pulse? Read your tongue? Give you a CAT scan? They’re all trying to do the same thing: get information.

To make a diagnosis every practitioner must obtain information to determine the etiology of the symptoms. Then they can offer a prescription or remedy, be it needles, herbs, pharmaceuticals, adjustments, based on what information they get and what they decide about it.

But how complete is that information? There can be limitations in the methods for gathering information and, combined with the biases of their discipline, it often happens that relevant information goes missing. As a result, both the diagnosis and the remedial actions prescribed may not be as holistic as is necessary to eliminate the problem.

At least two major components must go into healing: accurate and complete information and a correct conclusion as to what, how, why, where, and when remedies must be applied. Who knows that best? You do, basically. Not in your head but at the level of your inner wisdom, your inner physician. We simply have to ask.

Innate intelligence
Innate intelligence can be understood as the total sum of all the laws of nature that enable our existence, like software that administers our physical hardware. This intelligence continuously orchestrates and monitors every aspect of our existence, from our deepest individuality, our DNA and bodymind, to the environment in which we exist. This intelligence maintains the health and function of our entire system. It diagnoses the system and, when necessary, heals the system. Intuitively we all know this. The bodymind knows how to heal itself. Band-Aids don’t heal cuts, the body does.

Consciousness – the basis of health
If the inner physician is so smart, then how come we get ill? For the same reason we age. The communication channels by which our innate intelligence maintain its self-awareness become damaged, blocked, stressed, and cease to provide the pathways necessary for that intelligence to be aware. If we or any part of us are not aware, then we have no idea if something is working or broken, healing or dying. Without awareness, without consciousness, things start to malfunction, break down, and ultimately die. Left untreated, symptoms appear: lower back pain, depression, sleep apnea, chronic joint pain, relationship conflict. When we get to that point, outside assistance is needed to restore the natural connections for health. This is where BodyTalk can assist, because it facilitates the inner physician to heal.

BodyTalk – healing yourself through yourself
BodyTalk accesses the diagnostic and repair mechanism that is already hardwired into our bodymind and connects or “talks” with the inner physician, enabling the system to diagnose for specific issues. When it does so, because the innate intelligence is global in its awareness, it is capable of a diagnosis which is completely holistic. This includes all the levels and dimensions that are relevant to the resolution of a problem no matter what type. For example, a skin rash might be caused by a specific food plus genetic predisposition, plus a damaged meridian, plus an imbalance in blood chemistry, plus emotional trauma stored in an organ, plus weak qi fields unable to block harmful environmental energies.

Healing all those diverse parts comes naturally, as part of the body’s innate ability to heal itself. BodyTalk simply activates that mechanism and the healing is done automatically, holistically, and in perfect accordance with the bodymind’s own blueprint software for the restoration of health, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, environmentally.

Though you work with a BodyTalk practitioner, in the end, it is your own inner physician who has done the information gathering, prescription formulation, and its implementation. You have healed yourself through yourself.

Development of consciousness is the fundamental ingredient in all energetic healing. Studying, teaching, and practicing Maharishi Vedic Science for development of consciousness for 40 years, John began specializing in consciousness-based healing in the mid-1990s. Bringing both his training and experience into becoming a BodyTalk practitioner, he now practices in Frisco at Trinity Wellness Studio and in Lakewood at Back To Basics.

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John is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Graduate of the Light-Body School of Shamanic Medicine, and an instructor Maharishi Vedic Sciences.

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