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Steve Caton

Steve Caton

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12 09, 2018

Acupuncture for Facial Numbness

2018-09-11T23:42:50+00:00 By |

Bell’s palsy is the condition of sudden drooping, weakness, numbness, and possible paralysis of one side of the face. There are varying degrees of symptoms. Some people will experience slight muscle weakness and numbness, while others will have total paralysis of one side of the face, facial pain, and headaches. Some also have a reduction in taste, have trouble holding ...Read more

12 09, 2018

Creating Balance

2018-09-11T23:17:22+00:00 By |

Inhale. Exhale. Release. Summertime in Summit County is such a gift. There are many of us who came one season for the joys of winter, and then were surprised that summer can be just as sweet. Summer is a very yang season, full of long days in the sun, high activity outdoor sports, and constant socializing. As much as we ...Read more

12 09, 2018

CBD – Join the “Health Buzz” without the “Head buzz”

2018-09-12T02:31:34+00:00 By |

The advent of the whole plant, hemp derived CBD-rich oil as a grassroots therapeutic option has changed the local, and national conversation about cannabis. It’s no longer a question of whether medical marijuana works, today the key question is how to use cannabis for maximum therapeutic benefit in a wide spectrum of everyday health concerns.Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabis compound that has ...Read more

31 05, 2018

Acute Mountain Sickness

2018-06-01T11:43:49+00:00 By |

With running, hiking, biking, and water sports season at its peak during the summer for both athletes and visitors alike, we need to take into consideration acute mountain sickness (AMS). When a person travels from sea level to 9,000 feet and immediately goes running, hiking, climbing, or mountain biking, he or she has the potential to develop early symptoms of ...Read more

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