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Auriculotherapy – Ear Acupuncture

Auriculotherapy – Ear Acupuncture

What is Auriculotherapy?

Auricular medicine originally started as a system of traditional Chinese medicine going back to 500 B.C.E, in ancient China. However, it was also know in ancient Egypt, Rome, Persia, and most recently in France. In 1957, Dr. Paul Nogier, a French medical doctor, who had studied chiropractics and acupuncture as well as western medicine, developed the somatotopic map of the ear, based upon an inverted fetus. Auriculotherapy is a technique of using points on the skin of the auricle (external ear) to diagnose and treat pain and medical conditions of the body. It is also referred to as Auricular Medicine. It is based upon the theory that on the surface of the ear are hundreds of reflex points that are bio-energetically connected to all the organs and tissues of the body. When these reflex points are stimulated, the corresponding organs or tissues are also stimulated to properly function. This is the basis of auricular medicine, namely bio-energetic balancing the body, its organs, and tissues by stimulating the various reflex points on the surface of the ear or auricle for the treatment of a vast number of diseases and disorders.

How does Auriculotherapy work?

Specific points on the ear have been mapped for the treatment of specific issues. When Stimulated, these points often have positive effects on the target area of the body. The exact mechanism by which points on the ear affect other parts of the body is the subject of ongoing research. Several theories are currently under investigation.

What should I expect?

At TLC Acupuncture & Natural Medicine we will usually begin by inspecting certain points that may be related to your problem on one or both of your ears. The ears may be checked by visual inspection, palpation, or electrical testing. When therapeutically active points are located, they will be treated with one of several possible treatment methods, including electrical or laser stimulation, pressure, taping of tack or seed to the skin, or insertion of very small acupuncture needles.

What can Auriculotherapy treat?

This therapy is used to treat pain, addictions and internal disorders with excellent results. Whether used in conjunction with another treatment or by itself, auriculotherapy is often eff ective when other treatments have failed. Auriculotherapy is most commonly used for pain control, addictions and cravings, weight loss, and help with mental or emotional problems. Points and protocols exist for the treatment of many internal disorders as well. Because Auriculotherapy can address any part of the body, nearly any problem can be treated by Auriculotherapy as a primary or complementary form of care.

A sampling of the numerous Auriculotherapy treatments available include:
~ alcoholism
~ allergies
~ anxiety
~ asthma
~ bladder control
~ constipation
~ depression
~ drug addiction
~ gall bladder
~ headache
~ hemorrhoids
~ hyperactivity
~ impotence
~ knee pain
~ shingles
~ sinusitis
~ smoking
~ sore throat
~ stuttering
~ toothache
~ vision problems
~ weight control
And hundreds more, ask about the treatment options specific for you.

Is it painful?

It is safe, non-invasive, and virtually free of side effects. Auriculotherapy is generally very comfortable. At TLC Acupuncture & Natural Medicine, we use electrical stimulation. You may feel a mild electrical sensation. If we opt to use a needle, you may feel a small needle prick. Other forms of treatment, such as laser, may not produce any sensation at all.

How quickly can I expect relief?

Auriculotherapy often produces very rapid effects. Some treatments take effect immediately, while others are cumulative in nature, and become increasingly effective with more treatments.

Why does TLC Acupuncture & Natural Medicine use Auriculotherapy?

Used by itself or in conjunction with other forms of treatment, Auriculotherapy is a very safe and often effective form of treatment. Side effects are extremely low because, as a natural form of treatment, Auriculotherapy does not involve drugs or surgery. Our choice to use Auriculotherapy for your condition is evidence of a commitment to provide the best possible treatment in the form of a safe natural therapy.

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