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Amber Energy

Amber Energy

As the leaves here in Summit turn to gold and the weather starts to cool with the approaching winter, our thoughts turn to warm clothes, warm drinks, and fireside relaxation. With the anticipation of snow and cold becoming ever stronger this time of year, what better stone to warm the heart and mind than a piece of amber.

Amber is a truly magnificent stone as it is not formed in the traditional way other minerals form. Born from nature, amber is the fossilized tree resin that has been preserved for millions of years. Many trees produce resin in response to injury, which can help protect the tree from invading pathogens or insects. Resin is a tree’s natural healing mechanism and, in its fossilized form, acts as a premier healing stone.

The name amber can be translated from ancient Greek to mean “beaming sun.” Because of its warm orange and yellow color, amber can be an excellent stone to hold or wear as the days become shorter and the sun sets earlier. Amber has been valued for centuries for its beauty and healing properties. Most amber comes from the Baltic region and from Central and South America.

It is an important stone geologically as it helped preserve soft parts of insects and other species stuck in the resin, which typically do not fossilize. This helped geologists understand ancient ecosystems in new ways. Because amber was once resin, a natural bandage for trees, it is excellent for those recovering from illness or injury because it puts us in touch with our own innate ability to heal. Some parents even tie a small piece of amber around a baby’s neck to soothe their child and put them in touch with the warming energies of the stone. It creates a sense of warmth, health, and well-being.

Amber carries the ancient energy of trees, the earth, and the sun. It helps activate the solar plexus and can help those who hold or wear amber to find purpose and strength. Energetic healing can also be enhanced through working with amber. It assists in incorporating light energy into the physical body. Amber can facilitate a feeling of a warm, sunny environment, even when the weather turns cold. As a natural warming color, amber can also be beneficial to those suffering from seasonal affective disorder due to light deprivation.

Because of its origins, it does not carry the same energy as other stones formed deep within the earth. It is created from trees by the synthesis of light and therefore carries the healing energy of the sun. Some believe amber to assist with stimulating metabolism and helping draw out infection and cleanse contaminants from the body. As such amber is an excellent stone for those recovering from illness or injury. Try holding, wearing, or meditating with a piece of amber and feel the warmth of the sun on the approaching cold winter days.

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