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A Revolutionary Idea

A Revolutionary Idea

Every once in a while a revolutionary idea comes along that changes everything. It changes how we think, it changes what we do, and it can change forever how we behave as human beings. Quantum theory, and the knowledge now available about the human brain, is one of these kinds of ideas.

This new knowledge is based on scientific research that proves that life is not what we think it is. Well, even that statement is confusing because actually life is exactly what we think it is. Everything we experience is based on what we are thinking, a perception: our own unique interpretation of what we are seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, and thinking. And, what we are experiencing is not happening outside of us. It is occurring inside the dark recesses of our skull as a series of electrical impulses, amongst the trillions of neurons in our brain.

It is these neurons that form the basis of our experience by creating connections through new neural pathways. We are constantly forming neural pathways and discarding old ones, depending on what we are thinking. If we are experiencing something we have experienced previously, then the brain accesses neural pathways that allow us to process the information quickly and respond accordingly. If we have never experienced something before, then the brain creates new neural pathways, allowing us to have new experiences.

New neural pathways = New experiences

New experiences form new neural pathways and repetitive actions cause the brain to make existing mental connections permanent. This is what allows us to get better at skills through repetitive thoughts and actions. In other words, the more we do something (like learning a new language or playing a new instrument) the better we get at it.

To complicate this further, what we think we are experiencing may or may not be what is actually happening. This is easily illustrated when ten people are asked to give their version of an accident they witnessed and each one gives a different story because each person experienced something different. Each viewed the accident from a different location, but more importantly each of the viewers had different understandings or thoughts of what was really happening.

Your thoughts are the key to your success or failure

What we are thinking is based on what we experience at any given moment and what we experience is based on what we are thinking at that moment. For instance, if we are watching a movie and a character is injured, we relate to the character’s experience and may even wince because we can imagine that pain, even though we may not have any actual pain. We may even close our eyes and shield our ears, so as not to think about the pain the character might be experiencing. In this instance, even though we may not be experiencing any pain ourselves, just thinking about pain can illicit the same reaction as if we have been hurt ourselves. In this case what we think causes our experience even though our body is not experiencing any injury. This constant feedback loop between what is happening outside us and what is happening inside our brain makes it difficult to discern what is really happening. Our perception is our understanding about what is happening and it may or may not be accurate.

One thing is certain, our thoughts form neural connections and abandon others based on what we think about. These connections create the programming that allows us to experience life in our own unique way. Since we have the freedom to think about whatever we want to think about, it stands to reason that we are in control of what we experience from moment to moment. If we do not feel like we have control of our life then we are just lacking the knowledge that we need to gain control. This is the knowledge that Right Brain Success® will provide.

The purpose of Right Brain Success® is to provide you with the knowledge you need to:

~ Understand the mechanics of your brain and mind

~ Uncover the hidden emotions and beliefs that are unconsciously directing your life so you can consciously direct your life the way you want

~ Realize that creative solutions lead to unlimited possibilities

~ Understand your true purpose, nature and design


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